Green Alligator/Epsom leather Zipped long wallet

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Alligator leather is a material made from the tanned skin of alligators. It is one of the most expensive leathers, but affordable options exist. It is primarily harvested in the U.S. and tanned overseas. Alligator leather can be purchased in various colors and finishes, each with unique uses. 

The surface texture of alligator leather varies across the hide and in how the leather is finished. The patterning can be felt and ranges from relatively smooth to slightly pebbly to very bumpy, depending on the part of the hide. Finishes range from relatively smooth across the scales to some with three-dimensional scales.

Pros of Alligator Leather

  1. Conservation through use programs have saved the American alligator from extinction and could serve as a model for other endangered species.
  2. Wide range of attributes makes it suitable for a wide range of products
  3. Accents can really class up a project while also keeping costs down
  4. Excellent return on investment due to the market value of alligator products
  5. Very durable

Cons of Alligator Leather

  1. Hides are expensive
2/10/21 New Alligator Hides - Anvil Customs

_Color may vary slightly due to shooting or lighting

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